How to care for your scalp

If you want healthier hair, you have to start with the scalp. Many people try to find ways to make their hair shinier, or softer, or more moisturized, but they seem to forget or even ignore the state of the scalp. Caring for your scalp is even easier than caring for your hair. Follow these tips and you’ll have a healthy scalp and an even healthier head of hair.


The scalp is just like any other area of skin on your body. However, it is quite thin and the blood that circulates underneath is also quite thin and sometimes needs help circulating properly.

To remedy these problems, it is best to massage the scalp for at least ten minutes a day, though twenty minutes (ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes before bed) is recommended. You can massage your scalp “dry,” or you can use oils to help you. The oil will condition the hair thoroughly too!

Healthy diet

A healthy diet supplemented by supplements and vitamins will also help improve the condition of your scalp. Because the hair depends so much on protein and B-vitamins, you should make sure that your diet is full of foods that provide protein and B-vitamins.

These foods include: dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, mustard or collard greens, lean poultry and meat, and nuts or products made with nuts, such as peanut butter.


Hydration is also key to having and maintaining a healthy scalp. Not enough people get the recommended daily amount of water that they need. And, not surprisingly, water is important to every bodily function, even growing hair.

If the rest of your body is dry, your body will start to take water from the areas that it deems are not as important. These areas include your skin, so your scalp is also affected. Drink enough water and you will see that the condition of both your skin and scalp are improved tremendously.


Protection from the elements is also important in scalp care. The sun’s rays are both beneficial and contain some harmful UV and UVB rays. Your scalp will react to these rays just like your skin does. So, make sure to wear a hat under very hot weather, and even when it seems like the sun isn’t out.

Caring for your scalp also means caring for your hair. So, why not start nourishing your scalp today for a healthier head of hair tomorrow?

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